Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Including WiMAX and LTE
Ergen, Mustafa 
2009, Approx. 540 p. 311 illus., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-387-68189-4

Mobile Broadband: Including WiMAX and LTE provides an overview of IP-OFDMA technology, commencing with cellular and IP technology for the uninitiated while providing a foundation for OFDMA theory and emerging technologies, such as WiMAX, 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evaluation), and beyond. Features include
  • A coherent and systematic discussion of all aspects of Mobile Broadband Wireless,
  • Thorough information on OFDMA and All-IP Networking with its present technology in 4G,
  • Information to assist industry professionals in understanding the convergence of core access networks, device convergence and service convergence. 
Throughout the book the author also discusses several wireless standards based on OFDMA such as 3GPP2 UMB, IEEE 802.16j (Mobile Multihop Relay) and 802.16m (Gigabit WiMAX), IEEE 802.20 (MBWA), and IEEE 802.22 (Cognitive Radio). The book brings a good balance of theory, technology and practice of mobile broadband.

Table of Contents 

Part I: Fundamentals of Wireless Communication and IP Networking.

1) Introduction to Mobile Broadband.

2)  Basics of Cellular Communication.- 

3) Basics of All-IP Networking.

Part II: Theory of OFDMA and MIMO.

4) Principles of OFDM. 

5) Principles of OFDMA.

6) Multiple Antenna Systems.


Part III: Applications of IP-OFDMA.- 

8) WiMAX Physical Layer. 

9) WiMAX MAC Layer.

10) WiMAX Network Layer.

11)  Long Term Evolution of 3GPP.

12) Ultra Mobile Broadband of 3GPP2.

13) Drivers of Convergence.